If you're reading this, then you want to know what In Real Life is all about.


In Real Life is about making accessible bedroom producer culture on a music festival level. This music festival essentially divulges a newfound love for music influenced by Internet culture while giving a widespread platform for bedroom producers. In Real Life is a music festival that will cater cyberculture-influenced music to the masses, making bedroom producer culture within the Internet universally accessible for people who are starting to love the music from the Internet producer community but are unaware of what that really means. What I envision for In Real Life will end up becoming the first music festival in the United States, maybe in the whole world, to essentially give homage to the cyberculture that very much influences our technologically-progressive society. 

In Real Life is not a super concert. There are super concerts that have come close to what I imagine for In Real Life, but will never obtain that. In Real Life is a music festival because we hope to focus our appeal and humble beginnings within the community. When many people think of music festivals, they think of music festivals like Coachella, Glastonbury, Woodstock, and Bonnaroo, but why do we insist that music festivals need to have roots that connect right into the past. Why can't we plant our roots right into the future?

Our society is currently geared to the extent that these futuristic traditions can flourish. The hardest obstacle for electronic music festivals to actually be considered electronic music festivals is the construction of organic community. Organic community doesn't sprout from super concerts because there is no organic substance that comes from the experience. I want to try and create the priceless experience that people yearn for, the awakening that will produce good memories for those who are wanting. I hope to expand my vision into the world, but first, I want to replicate the experience in the hardest city to actually construct that community: New York City.

There are some great music festivals that have come out from pursuing what has been desirable for electronic music from Electric Forest to Low End Theory, It's been a real pleasure to be at a electronic music festival that understands the community. This is not Electric Daisy Carnival or Ultra; I don't intend for In Real Life to ever become what those festivals have become. I want this festival to have its own organic flow, where the concept gains traction with the fans and the music that has garnered popularity so exponentially.

In Real Life is about presenting a social good.

Our music festival will dedicate itself to creating general public benefit that reflects positive impact on its society and the environment. 

What does that mean? 

It means being more transparent about who we are as a festival and as a business. We want to be a for-profit music festival that is mission-driven in helping our society and the environment thrive within our capacity. Besides our willingness to provide the best and the brightest of music from Internet culture and making this music universally accessible, we want to provide a general public benefit. We want people to not only enjoy the music, but also reflect on why In Real Life is different from everybody else. This means providing our good intentions into initiatives of charity, initiatives of giving back to the community, social activism, and other measures pertaining to who we are as an aesthetic brand.

In Real Life starts with the Internet. This music festival has the potential to become something amazing and we're starting out small just to see how it goes. It's going to start out small, but we're focusing our scope on music that incorporates bedroom producers who find their start on the Internet and musicians who are inspired by the strange tenacity of our entire Internet culture.

Internet culture: fan-based public forums, memes, cartoons, parody, creative collaboration, and anything related to cybernetic connection that represents united love directed by a digital good.

It's absolutely wonderful. I want this festival to happen because I want for it to unite our Internet-based community in real life, to bring Internet lovers and unite the community with Internet-loving musicians who express their homage through music. We plan to include a tech sector, a gaming sector, and even a fashion sector within the music festival as time progresses. It can develop like the music festival version of Comic Con or Anime Expo, whichever the people prefer.

In Real Life is about catering to Internet-inspired music tastemakers on a global scale. 

We have so much planned for the inaugural year of In Real Life and we can't wait for you guys to see the potential for In Real Life. We can't wait for when it debuts in May 2017 and when it keeps going. We are going to take as much time as the concept deserves, for it to flourish properly and beautifully. 

Someday, I hope to see In Real Life manifest in different locations from San Francisco, Charlotte, Chicago, Austin, Toronto, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, and Australia. This is a prospect that has received international interest as well as national interest. It's absolutely beautiful to know the pleasures that are accommodated into a music festival like this one, but it's tough to create a music festival and drive it to success. I hope that people will find interest in this. I hope that In Real Life succeeds and becomes something amazing for the community.

  Yours Truly, 

Clint Choi

CEO of IRL Music, co-Founder of In Real Life Music Festival




1. stay safe. 

We cannot stress this enough. We love the community and want you guys to be happy, but please make good decisions that are beneficial to your health and well-being. Safety is our number one priority and partying safe is the best kind of party attitude. You don't need to sacrifice well-being to have fun.

2. Teamwork makes the dream work. 

Everybody who comes to In Real Life comes because they love the same music you do. In that respect, you are united with the community. Make friends and bond with the community. You may find that the person next to you will make your night a magical night or you may find that the person next to you may become your best friend for life. We are bonded through the Internet, so why not in real life? 

3. Respect others the way you want to be respected IRL.

Please treat your neighbor similarly to how you would want to be treated in real life. We all want to be treated fairly and a lack of disrespect to somebody can easily snowball to a lack of respect for the community. We can all work together to treat each other with compassion and joy; that's what makes a better world. 

4. Don't be the internet troll under the bridge.

 Leave your drama at the door. It doesn't help if somebody decides to throw slurs and insults at another person. We've all seen negativity assert itself from time to time within our lives and it is not fun. This is a place where we come together to appreciate something that has some great influence in our life. We come to appreciate the culture, but it doesn't help if somebody just wants to hurt others and watch the world burn. 

Let's keep this Internet safe haven free of Internet trolls and keep the insincerity away. 

5. Have fun! 

For the time you are celebrating Internet culture and having fun at In Real Life, you are participating in the beautiful escape. We celebrate, we laugh, we cheer, we love, we jump, we live. Happiness is the key. 

Welcome home!